As of April 2015, 16.2% of students in an adjusted 5-year cohort dropped out of high school.  Pure Soul focuses on those demographics that are at a significantly higher risk of dropping out.  Of the same 5-year cohort of students for example, foster care children had a 44.3% annual drop out rate, homeless children had a 39.0% annual drop out rate, American Indians had a 34.7% annual drop out rate, limited English speakers had a 31.5% drop out rate, migrants had 26.7% annual drop out rate, Hispanics had a 23.6% annual drop out rate, low income students had a 24.4% annual drop out rate, and Blacks had a 21.7% annual drop out rate.

Little data is available on why students drop out.  We believe that the main underlying reasons are a lack of academic success in a child's early years and a lack of a strong support system.  This is where Pure Soul makes a difference. 

Pure Soul empowers disadvantaged children in elementary school in the Greater Seattle area
by providing them academic tutoring and mentorship.